We’re the posterity
we make future!

Egy Tel Company is a leading Communication and power
Networks Contracting and Telecom Industry Services
company that operates in the Egyptian Market.

Securing Mobile Sites

We offer services of building securing systems to mobile sites

Network Implementations

Provides Network implementation services

Retrofitting Works

We offer retrofitting service works for mobile sites

Civil Works

Site preparation Raised floor assembly Earthling Shelter/Cabinet installation


Core Values


Ethics are controlling all over our business and transactions, since we believe “Ethics are success”


Work is not doing just doing a job, work is to create each time you do
the Job


Our customers, are not just an owner, they are a partners and the base of our business and operation



Chairman letter

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank our xisting customers for their on-going support, loyalty and commitment to our business and pledge comparable excellence to our potentially new customers. Our distinguished team is committed to enforce our core values that led Egy Tel to maintain being
a success story:
- Constant enhancement of our services, products, people and performance
- Commitment to honesty and transparency
- Egy Tel team represents our most valuable assets

Jonathan Doe
Happy Client